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Amber Carl Photography Las Vegas Portrait Photographer


Your Boudoir Session

...What To Expect  

When was the last time you took a moment just for yourself?  As women we are so often caring for and looking after everyone else, it's so rare that we actually take the time to do someone for us.  A Boudoir photoshoot can give you that one to two hours of self care that you so desperately deserve.

But why do a boudoir photo shoot?  

Because it's so much more than JUST a photo shoot.

A boudoir photo shoot can help you change the way you see yourself.  My ultimate goal is for you to see your images and then see yourself in the eyes of the people who love you.  As women we tend to see all the negative about ourselves but the people who love us only see what they love.  With a boudoir photo shoot you can see yourself in a new light.  Your true, natural, pure beauty will shine through and you'll have these images forever to cherish for yourself, gift to someone you love, and share with generations who come after you.

Because with a boudoir photo shoot you not only empower yourself today, but you empower the women who come in generations after you and you will inspire them to do the same thing for themselves.

A boudoir photo shoot with Amber Carl Photography is a special experience.  Book your session today for a $50 booking fee which will go towards your final purchase.  Boudoir packages begin at $175 and your $50 booking paying will go towards whatever package you choose.  Professional hair and makeup can be added on for just $60 and my stylists will do your hair and makeup exactly how you want it on site.